Presents 3 U.S. Landmarks to Add to Your Road Trip blog: Presents 3 U.S. Landmarks to Add to Your Road Trip

Many modern-day US vacations including family trips, romantic getaways and other travel plans do not typically start with the idea to visit small sights along the way. Rather, travel is motivated by more grandiose dreams like going to Disney World, on a fancy cruise or to a beach resort. Many vacationers travel to their destination and then return home straightaway, missing the opportunity to enjoy the journey on the way.

As a result, is challenging travelers to visit more U.S. landmarks not necessarily found on the GPS-navigated route to their vacation destination. Whether you travel with friends, family, children, a significant other or even alone, create a bucket list of places you have heard of or thought about traveling to and begin marking them off as you go. The team at offers some suggestions below to get your list started, all with no-cost admission.

#1 The Getty Museum

If you are in or near Los Angeles, California, it will do you well to take a couple of hours to tour the John Paul Getty Museum. There are two locations, one in Los Angeles and the other in Malibu, but touring one is nothing like touring the other. If you have ever driven north on the 405 from Los Angeles International Airport, you have likely seen the Getty Museum overlooking the Los Angeles skyline from the hill it sits atop. For a great viewing experience, ride the tram up to the summit and walk through the maze gardens high above the city. Admission is free, but you do pay to park. The museum is closed on Mondays.

#2 Grand Canyon National Park

The fastest and least expensive way to see the Grand Canyon is by viewing it from one of the many overlooks positioned along the canyon’s South Rim, which is open year-round. Viewpoints are accessible via park shuttle buses that transport tourists free of charge. Tourists may also drive their own vehicles to visit the overlooks. According the specialists at, seeing this one-mile deep nature-made rift ironically has a way of putting things into perspective. Its vast size overwhelms and inspires onlookers where the Colorado River cuts through the canyon for 277 miles. Its largest breadth spans 18 miles across.

#3 Niagara Falls

For East Coast road trippers, another illuminating natural marvel that promises to rouse passion is Niagara Falls. The researchers at reveal Niagara Falls State Park is free to visit, and guests of the park enjoy hiking, picnicking and viewing the scenery at no charge. There are attractions that do have admission costs, such as the Rainbow Bridge and the Aquarium of Niagara, but if you are just looking for a spot to stop and stretch your legs, the falls stretch for 900 miles.

Niagara State Park is the oldest park in the US, another great reason to make a stop there and experience it firsthand. analysts know firsthand the 180 mile waterfalls are quite a memorable experience.