How to Choose the Perfect Route for Your Commute: Recommendations From blog: How to Choose the Perfect Route for Your Commute: Recommendations From

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the average American spends 17,600 minutes driving each year. Whether you like to take the scenic route to and from work every day, or you prefer the fastest route possible, it’s important to take time to consider the pros and cons of the route you choose. If not, you may end up devoting more time to driving than you ever thought possible. Plus, if you need to stop in the city to shop or to pick up groceries after work, you’ll want to consider routes that are easily accessible to the stores or businesses you frequent. To learn more about choosing the perfect route for your commute, take a look at the useful information compiled by our expert team at

Download Map Apps

Advancements in technology have vastly improved the daily commute to and from work and school. Thanks to map apps like Waze and Google Maps, drivers can receive real-time traffic updates to help them avoid routes with traffic jams or accidents. App users receive alerts about any accidents or potential hazards ahead, in addition to traffic updates, route updates and alternate route options. Waze’s Planned Drive feature lets drivers schedule a time, a date and a destination in advance to help them prepare for an upcoming appointment, an interview or an important meeting. When the date arrives, users will be alerted of when they must leave for the appointment to arrive on time.

Moreover, Google Now is an excellent tool that notifies drivers of any accidents, traffic incidents and weather conditions that may cause a delay in traffic. When drivers set an address for their homes or workplaces, Google Now alerts the driver of their travel time, taking traffic, weather conditions or accidents into consideration. The app also suggests alternate route options to help drivers avoid accidents or traffic delays. The team at recommends that smartphone users download the free Waze app for scheduling planned drives or using the Google Now app for real-time traffic updates.

Consider Route Options

Real-time traffic updates are great for daily commuting, but the team at recommends comparing route options before making the decision to accept a new job or to study at a new school. Considering multiple route options in advance helps drivers save the most time, money and fuel on their daily commutes. For instance, use the online version of Google Maps to enter your starting point and ending destination. Consider the different route options presented to compare the travel time and mileage amounts. For even better results, compare the routes during rush hour to get an accurate idea of what daily travel time will be like.

Keep Stops in Mind

If you need to make stops before or after your daily commute, the team at recommends considering these stops as you compare driving routes. Be sure to enter these stops into Google Maps to get the best routes based on any additional stops you need to make. Plus, if you know you’ll need to stop at Target or CVS every few days, it will be helpful to consider a route option that includes these stores on the way home. However, some stops aren’t always planned. If you need to stop for gas after work, apps such as GasBuddy will help you to find the cheapest gas prices in your current area.

Consider Options for Walking

If you don’t own a vehicle or you prefer to walk to work, the team at recommends downloading walking apps to help you get to work in the safest and fastest possible way. Apps such as Map My Walk, Citymapper and Transit are all helpful options. The Transit app is useful for walkers who occasionally rely on alternate modes of transportation. The app helps walkers to locate nearby Uber drivers, buses or Subways on short notice.