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Many people don’t want to weigh down their pockets or purses with heavy keychains. While a keychain that’s loaded down with a bunch of keys can be annoying, you should consider the use of each key before taking them off your keyring. There are certain keys you’ll be tempted to leave behind, but are actually important to keep on hand for unexpected emergencies while you’re out and about. The experts at never want car owners or homeowners to be stuck in a jam because they don’t have the proper keys on their keychain. Here are just a few types of keys you should consider lugging around on your daily keychain at all times.

Your House Keys

With the popularity of numeric keypads on front doors, many homeowners are tempted to leave their house keys behind. There are also cohabitating couples that may have different keychains dedicated to either house keys or car keys. While this can lead to a light load on your keychain, it can also be dangerously easy to lock yourself out of your own house. The team at encourages all homeowners to make multiple copies of their house keys and include them on each keyring, with each car key. Even those who have a keypad can find that the battery on the electronic keypad has died, or that there are multiple locks that have been locked, not attached to the coded keypad. If one of these circumstances arises, a homeowner can find him or herself locked out of the home.

It can also be easy to grab your car keys and go, without thinking about the house. For those homeowners who decide to keep the house keys separate from the car keys, this can be a major mistake. Locking yourself out of your house is an easy thing to do if you keep these important keys on separate keychains.

Your Neighbor or Close Friend's Keys

It’s always a good idea to choose someone in close proximity to your home that you trust with whom to swap keys. The experts at suggest turning to a close neighbor, a friend who lives nearby, or a family member who’s within a five-minute drive time to your home to present with a copy of your key. This homeowner will more than likely also give you a copy of the key to their home, which you should always keep on your keychain.

You never know when this neighbor, friend or family member will be stuck in a bind and need you to access his or her home. It could be to feed a pet, to turn off an alarm, or to check to make sure the oven was turned off during a vacation. You may also need to be your neighbor’s hero and pop over with his or her house key if he or she has accidentally been locked out of the house. Keeping this key conveniently on your everyday keychain will allow you to get to your neighbor, your friend or your family member faster with a solution if an emergency arises.

Your Work Keys

If you have a job that requires you to carry keys, it may seem like a hassle. However, carrying your work keys can actually give you an advantage over your coworkers. If you’ve forgotten something at the office, or you need to stop in early to get a few tasks done, you have the freedom to do so if you hold onto an office key. If you’re a key-carrying employee, it’s a great idea to keep these office keys on your everyday keychain with all your other important keys. If there’s an emergency at the office or you’re running errands and just need to stop by, having these keys with you makes it easy and more convenient. The team at recommends always keeping these keys in a safe and secure place. Holding keys to an office is a great responsibility, so it’s important to keep them somewhere you can easily monitor them, but also have easy access if they’re needed.