Leather Seats Vs. Cloth Seats: A Comparison By Online-Drivers-Licenses.org

online-drivers-licenses.org blog: Leather Seats Vs. Cloth Seats: A Comparison By Online-Drivers-Licenses.org

For years, drivers have associated status quo and luxury vehicles with leather seats. However, many drivers are swaying away from leather seats and are moving toward cloth seats for maintenance and environmental reasons. Since leather seats are made from the skin of a cow, they are not the most environmentally-friendly or humane options when compared to cloth car seats. Plus, leather seats can be uncomfortable on your skin once the sun starts beaming. On the other hand, cloth car seats are environmentally-friendly, but tend to stain more easily than leather car seats. To learn more about the pros and cons of leather car seats and cloth seats, take a look at the useful information gathered by our expert team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org.

Benefits of Leather Seat

If you were to ask other drivers what it is about leather seats that they enjoy the most, the answer would probably be the classic look and feel and the strong scent of the leather. Additionally, most high-quality leather seats are comfortable and soft to-the-touch. Plus, leather seats are generally easy to clean if you should spill soda, juice or any other liquid on them. If you’re looking to give your vehicle an expensive, sophisticated look, the team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends using leather seats; however, it may be beneficial to invest in car seat covers to extend the life of your vehicle’s seats.

Leather Seat Disadvantages

Leather seats look stylish and provide you with added comfort in the car, but there may be more disadvantages to using leather seats than there are advantages. While leather seats have a sophisticated and timeless look to them, they are often more expensive than cloth seats, which is why they are usually associated with social status and wealth. Additionally, leather seats take more effort to maintain than cloth seats. If leather seats are not properly maintained, they will wear, tear, peel and crack quicker. Leather seats also tend to be much hotter during the summer months and cooler in the winter, which is a major disadvantage. If you don’t mind the maintenance and the cost of using leather seats, the team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends using leather seats over cloth seats. If you’re looking for an affordable option with less maintenance, cloth seats are your best bet.

Benefits of Cloth Seats

Unlike leather seats, cloth seats are generally much more affordable than leather seats. Additionally, environmentalists, vegans and vegetarians tend to prefer cloth seats over leather seats for ethical reasons. Aside from environmental reasons, many drivers feel that cloth seats are more comfortable than leather seats. Cloth seats are comfortable and easy on your skin in any season, whether it be summer or winter. Cloth seats don’t warm up in the summer like leather seats do and they don’t feel as chilly when you sit on them in the winter. Plus, they don’t require a whole lot of maintenance or cleaning. The team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends vacuuming or steaming your cloth seats monthly to keep them in the best possible shape.

Cloth Seat Disadvantages

Like leather seats, there are several disadvantages to cloth car seats. For one, cloth seats don’t look as expensive and luxurious as leather seats. Second, it is more difficult to clean cloth seats since they tend to stain more easily than leather. Once your cloth seats get dirty, it may be difficult to clean them or remove the stains. Additionally, cloth seats aren’t treated with fragrance and perfumes like leather seats are, so they absorb odors rather than mask smells. However, the team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends opening your vehicle’s window from time to time to help air the vehicle out and to reduce unpleasant scents in a safe and healthy way.

Additionally, environmentally-friendly car freshener options are also available, including the Purggo Car Air Freshener ($20), an all-natural eco-purifier that attaches to the back of your seat. Made of 100 percent bamboo charcoal, each air freshener lasts for at least one year before it needs to be replaced. Each air freshener is available in practical colors, such as gray and beige.