8 Road Trip Audiobooks Suggested by Online-Drivers-Licenses.org

online-drivers-licenses.org blog: 8 Road Trip Audiobooks Suggested by Online-Drivers-Licenses.org

Your next long drive doesn’t have to be a bore. Hours of talk radio, or even your favorite band can make those miles seem long and grueling. Many drivers don’t consider the power of an audiobook for combatting boredom and keeping them entertained. If you love to read but simply don’t have time, starting an audiobook on a long road trip is the perfect way to experience a book. There are also a few different smartphone apps that offer free audiobooks, or very cheap access to select, award-winning audiobooks. The team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends picking out your perfect audiobook before embarking on your next road trip. Here are eight of the most popular and engaging audiobooks that would be the perfect addition to your next long drive.

“Carsick” by John Waters

This audiobook is a great listening experience for a driver and passengers on a long road trip, because it tackles life on the road. The author tells his true story of hitchhiking from Baltimore to California, including the people he meets and the sights he sees. According to the experts at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org, a traveling-themed audiobook is perfect for a road trip because it’ll inspire you to be adventurous when you reach your final destination.

“The Passenger” by Lisa Lutz

If you’re looking for a horror or a thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat throughout your entire drive, consider downloading this audiobook before you get in the car. “The Passenger” will have you guessing who the murderer is while riding through twists and turns of the narrative for hours on the road.

“Revenger” by Alastair Reynolds

Science fiction fan or not, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by the story told in this audiobook. While it is considered a young adult novel, “Revenger” can engage anyone, no matter your age, and is especially perfect for your next long road trip. The team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends this sci-fi thriller to all drivers, because it’ll transport you to a different world, making your time on the road fly by.

“The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo” by Amy Schumer

Drivers and passengers who want their next road trip to be full of laughs should consider downloading Amy Schumer’s latest book. This comedian will have you cracking up as she animatedly narrates her story, and the telling of her own personal experience of skyrocketing to stardom. Keep in mind, this audiobook is uncensored, and won’t be the best choice for the little ears on a family road trip.

“Brown Girl Dreaming” by Jacqueline Woodson

The author passionately tells this non-fictional audiobook herself, leading to an emotional story that you can easily get wrapped up in while driving. Since this story is focused on the author’s childhood experiences, the experts at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommend turning on “Brown Girl Dreaming” when your children are joining on a long drive, because they’ll quickly be engaged.

“The Devourers” by Indra Das

This strange story will have you intrigued to the last sentence, and interested in finding out what happens to these interesting characters. “The Devourers” is a perfect road trip audiobook, because it involves fascinating specimens, including a half-werewolf man and a shapeshifter. With crude words and violence, this audiobook is best left for an adult-only road trip.

“Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer

If you’re looking for an adventurous story to listen to while driving to your own next adventure, this audiobook will get you excited and keep you on edge. “Into Thin Air” tells the story of climbing Mount Everest, including all the struggles and fatalities this author experienced firsthand on his encounter with this terrifying journey.

“Nut Shell” by Ian McEwan

This audiobook clocks in at over five hours, so it’s a great one to get involved with for a cross-country road trip. Your commitment to listening to this intense audiobook will pay off, because the story will engage and entertain the whole way through. As a thriller, the story is told through an unborn child’s perspective, making the point of view and narration interesting and thoughtful for listeners.