7 Road Trip Podcasts Recommended by Online-Drivers-Licenses.org

online-drivers-licenses.org blog: 7 Road Trip Podcasts Recommended by Online-Drivers-Licenses.org

A long drive or a road trip can be torturous if you’re bored. Staring at a rolling highway for hours can get old, and can make a long trip feel even longer. With so many great podcasts out these days, there’s no reason to suffer through a long drive without learning something, being entertained by a story or laughing at a talented comedian. Podcasts and free streaming services have become a popular addition to most drivers’ road trips, because they allow you to focus on the road while staying alert and amused. The experts at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org encourage all road trip drivers and passengers to experiment with podcasts so they can enjoy their time in the car. Here are seven of the latest and greatest podcasts to start with on your next long drive.

The “Who? Weekly” Podcast

If you love to laugh while catching up on your pop culture news, the “Who? Weekly” podcast is perfect for your next long drive. If you want the background info on celebrities or culture icons that have been in the news recently, you’ll love this podcast. The fun and hilarious hosts give you the scoop on the who’s who of the celebrity world, why they’re famous, and why they’re currently making headlines. The team at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org loves this one, because it keeps listeners on their toes, and will keep you laughing while driving.

NPR’s “Embedded” Podcast

Have you ever listened to a news story and thought, “I’d like to know more”? This podcast takes you deeper into news stories that may have only had the surface scratched by the media. “Embedded” can give you the details from a high-profile murder mystery you saw on the news, or can present more facts and information on a recent drug bust. This fascinating podcast will pique your curiosity and teach you things you’d never see in the news.

The “Hidden Brain” Podcast

For those drivers who love a good podcast for its educational potential, the ”Hidden Brain” podcast is right up your alley. This podcast tackles a scientific or a social concept by analyzing its smallest parts. Topics of this podcast may include narcissism or blindness and its place in society. The details and investigations on each of these issues make them easier to understand, and you’ll learn tons of things you didn’t know before.

The “Love + Radio” Podcast

Drivers who prefer a good story to a talk-show style podcast will fall in love with “Love + Radio.” This podcast tells a juicy and interesting story each week, which can engage a driver for miles and miles. The experts at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org chose this podcast as a favorite for long car trips, because it’s easy to get lost in, allowing time to pass quickly.

The “Sports Illustrated Media” Podcast

Sports fans will love spending hours listening to this podcast in the car. The sports-knowledgeable host, Richard Deitsch, offers interesting insider information on sports stars, teams and games with this podcast. He interviews coaches and players to get the inside scoop on big wins, losses or season plans in all sports categories. Your car ride will be a breeze with the help of the “Sports Illustrated Media” podcast, and you’ll be a sports stats expert once you reach your destination.

The “Vogue” Podcast

Drivers and passengers who are into fashion and the latest style designers will enjoy a road trip that’s accompanied by the “Vogue” podcast. Similar to the topics covered in this popular magazine, the podcast touches on love life advice, the latest fashion trends and celebrity sightings. The team of professionals at Online-Drivers-Licenses.org recommends this podcast for a long road trip for a girls’ weekend away.

“This American Life”

This NPR podcast is one of the most successful of its kind because of the great storytelling and engaging host, Ira Glass. The stories told through this podcast are entertaining and interesting, because they include interviews with the real-life people involved, along with clips and enjoyable narratives. You’ll just keep listening to episode after episode once you start “This American Life” on your next long road trip.