Top 4 Mobile Apps for Preventing Distracted Driving According to blog: Top 4 Mobile Apps for Preventing Distracted Driving According to

Culprits of distracted driving are usually holding a cell phone the moment before they get involved in a serious accident. Ironically enough, there are several apps that have actually been created in order to prevent such incidents. According to the team of experts at, app makers have attempted to salvage their tainted reputation by creating several different applications that are meant to allow drivers to keep their focus on the road. The following list includes the top four apps for preventing distracted driving.

Steer Clear App One of the best apps designed to help young drivers improve their overall driving skills, the experts at recommend Steer Clear for drivers looking to learn more about proper driving techniques. Also, the app provides data of driving time, mileage and road conditions to State Farm Auto Insurance so that young drivers can measure their progress and so that the insurance company can evaluate their driving habits.

TextArrest App This app is perfect for drivers who can’t seem to leave any text messages unread while out on the road. The team at urges drivers with Androids to utilize this app in order to block text message and email alerts from popping up on their phones while on the road. This app was one of the first to focus on safe driving themes, and it continues to help drivers stay focused while behind the wheel.

Safe Driver App The team at recommends downloading the Safe Driver app in order to learn how to drive more responsibly. Although it is not meant to be used while driving, it can definitely be looked through while waiting in a doctor’s office, sitting at home or taking your lunch break at work. This app also includes an SMS and email blocking feature intended to keep the driver focused on driving. Safe Driver can also record a driver’s route, speed and turns so that he or she can analyze his or her own driving habits and see where improvements can be made. App The group of experts at considers the best app for distracted driving prevention. This app actively helps drivers keep their hands and eyes on the road by reading any incoming text message out loud. In the event that you receive an emergency text message, this app will inform you about what’s going on while ensuring that you keep your eyes where they need to be. Additionally, the app includes features that respond to any incoming messages, informing your contacts that you are currently driving and cannot answer at the moment.