Presents: Upgrades to Negotiate for a Brand New Vehicle Purchase blog: Presents: Upgrades to Negotiate for a Brand New Vehicle Purchase

Buying a new car is an important and exciting time in a driver’s life. But after the initial purchase of a new vehicle, maybe the driver wants to include extra add-ons to make his or her car more comfortable.

Negotiating with the dealer, being flexible and knowing what you are looking for will help you find the upgrades that are best suited for your needs. The team here at has the information you need to know about negotiating upgrades for new vehicles and get the newest gadgets for your vehicle.

  1. Backup cameras

Maybe reversing is not your strong suit. However, if you install backup cameras, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! These cameras are often already found in new vehicles, but they can be requested and installed by the driver if the vehicle does not have it. It comes with a LCD monitor, so you can view the rear while you backup.

  1. Heated seats

Weather can be unpredictable, so the team here at suggests having heated seats to suit whatever temperature feels right for you. If it gets cold, not only will you have the heater, but the seat warmer as well for extra warmth during those frigid days.

  1. Sunroofs

If the car you purchased did not come with a sunroof and you want one, it can be added for you. Most dealerships offer this type of add-on and have partnerships with other companies that can easily install any type of sunroof based on your preferences, so the experts at assure you that the dealer will accommodate your needs and create the sunroof requested by you.

  1. Tinted Windows

There are many benefits to getting your windows tinted. This can not only reduce harmful UV Rays from the sun, but the experts at would also like to mention that it can protect your windows from breaking and provide you with some privacy in your car.

  1. Service vouchers

Service vouchers are often given at the time of a new car purchase if asked for by drivers. The team at would like to let drivers know that they can receive free services like oil changes, car washes and state inspections to see if their cars meet emission and vehicle safety requirements.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity and Satellite Radio

If you love listening to podcasts, music or Satellite radio, then the team at suggests using these systems to fit your needs. Ask the dealer for these add-ons if your new vehicle did not come with it. Plug in your phone cord into the USB port or connect your phone wirelessly with Bluetooth to listen to your favorite playlist while you drive.

  1. Rustproofing

Leaving your car in the sun for long periods of time could cause rust, which is a type of corrosion that destroys metal. It can also happen if dirt or moisture is found underneath your car. The accumulation of rust can cause long term damage to your car by causing it to fall apart, decreasing its value. Plus, you will not be able to keep the car as long as initially intended.

Rustproofing is a great way to extend the life of your new car and keep it looking brand new for a long time. There are four different methods available for drivers to choose from. The electronic module is a small device installed in your vehicle that sends a weak current through the metal, preventing it from corroding. Another method is tar-based spray, which hardens after being used on exposed parts under the car, protecting them from moisture and other elements.

Dripless oil spray is similar to tar-based spray, but it covers more parts of the car, like the interior area. Drip oil spray is applied the same way dripless oil spray is, except holes need to be drilled into your vehicle’s body. This method is the most used and effective because it can reach all the areas susceptible to corrosion. Prices vary per methods, so make sure that it is within your budget and meets your needs.