Explains 7 Ways to Transport Your Car for a Cross-Country Move blog: Explains 7 Ways to Transport Your Car for a Cross-Country Move

Plenty of time, consideration and planning go into moving cross-country, especially if you’re bringing everything along with you – including your vehicle. Fortunately, there are many available transportation options for moving your vehicle cross-country. To learn more about transporting your vehicle cross-country, our team at has provided several useful tips.

Drive the Vehicle

If you’re moving from New York to California, driving your vehicle to your new home probably isn’t the wisest decision. For one, you’ll spend a whole lot of money on fuel and hotel costs. Second, you’ll waste precious time on driving that could be spent unpacking and settling into your new home. Third, you probably won’t be able to fit all your belongings into the vehicle in just one trip. However, driving the vehicle yourself is always an option.

Tow the Vehicle

If you plan to rent a moving truck to haul all your belongings, look for a moving truck with towing capacity. When you go this route, you can move your personal belongings and your vehicle without having to drive your actual vehicle cross-country.

Ship the Vehicle

If you’re moving cross-country and are taking your vehicle with you, the team at highly recommends shipping your vehicle cross-country using the open-air truck method. In this transportation method, vehicles are shipped similarly to how new cars are transported to dealerships. Generally, vehicles are unloaded at city hubs, but there is the option to have your vehicle shipped to your home at an additional cost. The average shipping time ranges from seven to 21 days.

Find a reputable vehicle shipping service using the United States Department of Transportation’s website, the American Moving and Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau. Compare online reviews, read customer testimonials and do plenty of research before hiring a company – even if you’re crunched for time. If you’re choosing to take your vehicle cross-country rather than selling it and buying a new vehicle after the move, the vehicle must be valuable to you, so it’s wise to put plenty of time and effort into finding a reputable automobile moving company.

Transport the Vehicle by Train

If your vehicle needs to be transported across the East Coast, Amtrak offers a train car transportation service for shipping vehicles. Shipping starts as low as $100, making it an affordable and convenient option. However, you must accompany your vehicle by taking the train as well.

Hire a Professional Driver

If it’s not efficient for you to drive your vehicle cross-country, but you don’t mind racking on added miles, the team at suggests hiring a professional driving service to move your vehicle between states for you. Many professional driving companies even allow you to transport personal belongings in the vehicle.

Use an Enclosed Truck

Using an enclosed truck to transport your vehicle is a much more expensive method for transporting a vehicle cross-country, but it’s an effective method if you worry about transporting your vehicle cross-country in difficult weather conditions. If you drive a high-end vehicle or a brand-new vehicle, the team at suggests using an enclosed truck to transport your vehicle to reduce the risk of damaging your vehicle during the transportation process.

Find a Driver

If you can’t afford to hire a professional driver or a vehicle shipping service, but you don’t have the time to drive the vehicle on your own, consider hiring a non-professional driver to transport the vehicle for you. Hiring a responsible college student, a sibling, or a close friend are all possible options. However, trusting someone else to drive your vehicle cross-country is riskier than hiring a professional driver or transporting the vehicle, yourself. If you go this route, the team at recommends checking with your insurance company before the move to ensure that your policy covers accidents or traffic incidents if someone other than yourself drives the vehicle.

Preparing for The Move

If you decide to hire another driver or a company to transport the vehicle for you, it is recommended that you clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle before the move. Make note of any current scratches, issues or damages to the vehicle before and after the trip.