Getting your ID Card

Getting a new identification card can be a hassle, but before you head out to your local DMV, make sure you are well-prepared! Our staff has researched the process for getting an ID card for every state, so all the information you need is right here at your fingertips. Click "Continue" below to get started.

North Dakota ID Cards

North Dakota residents may opt to get an ID card to serve as their photo ID rather than a driver's license. While both have their perks, a North Dakota ID card is much simpler to obtain than a driver's license. If you would like to obtain a North Dakota ID card, be sure to follow the below instructions.


  • Bring roof of identity
  • Have an $8 fee ready for payment
  • Prepare to take a photo

Just like your North Dakota driver's license, your North Dakota ID card, will too, expire. In fact, an ID card in North Dakota is up for renewal every 10 years. Just be sure to visit a local DOT office, and renew your ID card in North Dakota in-person. Your replacement North Dakota ID card will then be sent in the mail within two weeks.

Need a duplicate ID card in North Dakota? A replacement ID costs $8, and can be obtained in-person as well, at your local DOT outpost.