Learners permits in Arkansas

Arkansas Learner's permit

Learn how to get your Arkansas Learner's permit

Getting your learner's permit in Arkansas is the best way to prepare yourself for your real driver's license when you are old enough.

The process to apply for your learner's permit in Arkansas is pretty simple:

  • You must be 14 years old in order to be eligible in applying for your learner's permit.
  • Passing a vision exam is mandatory. You will have to have 20/40 vision without glasses or contacts, or you can have 20/50 vision with contacts or glasses on.
  • You will have to bring one approved primary and secondary form of identification with you.

If you are an adult education student, you will be required to show proof of your enrollment in the class.

If you are between the ages of 14-18, you must have your learner's permit in Arkansas for at least 6 months before driving unrestricted.

Arkansas Learner's Permit Instruction

  • If you are 17 years of age or younger you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian so they can sign for learner's permit application.
  • You will have to keep your GPA at a 2.0 or higher to get your learner's permit in Arkansas. You need to bring proof showing your GPA, however a report card will not be accepted. You need your high school diploma, GED certificate, or a signed paper filled out by your school or district office saying that you have a 2.0 or higher.

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