Learner's Permit in Georgia

Georgia Learner's permit

Learn how to get your Georgia Learner's permit

To get a Learner's Permit in Georgia you must be 15 years old.

You will be required to pass a vision screening exam and a written exam. Pick up a copy of the Georgia driver's manual to prepare yourself for the written portion of the exam. You'll need to visit your local Customer Service Center with your parent or guardian.

Documents you'll need to apply for you Georgia learner's permit include:

  • Certified birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Certificate of School Attendance
  • $10 license fee

You must show proof of your GED or a copy of your attendance from your county's board of education validating your enrollment in a home school program, if you are younger than 18 and not currently in school.

Before you are eligible to apply for your regular driver's license you will have to have your Georgia learner's permit for one year and one day.

You may drive with your permit for 24 months or until you earn your regular driver's license?.

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