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Montana Learner's Permit

How to get your Montana Learners permit

Receiving a learner's permit in Montana is a pretty long process. We have done our best to make getting your Montana learner's permit as stress free as possible. Before trying to apply for your Montana learner's permit, make sure to read the following rules and regulations to become eligible.

To apply for a Montana learner's permit you must:

  • This must be the first time you are applying for a license.
  • If its not your first time being licensed you must be a new resident to Montana and apply for a learner's permit within 60 days of moving.

How to receive a Montana learner's permit:

  • Head over to your local DMV office and pick up a Montana driver's manual.
  • Get parental consent if you are younger than 18 years old.

Head over to the DMV office and make sure to bring the following with you:

  • Identification to prove your Montana residency.
  • Money to pay the learner's permit fees. (cash or check are accepted ONLY).

The next step in applying for your Montana learner's permit is to pass a written test, and eye test. After passing both you will then be issued your Montana learner's permit.

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