New Jersey New Drivers License

Getting your New Driver License

Getting a new license can be a hassle, but before you head out to your local DMV, make sure you are well-prepared! Our staff has researched the driver's license process for every state, so all the information you need is right here at your fingertips. Click "Continue" below to get started.

New Jersey Driver's License

How to get your New Jersey driver's license

Applying for a driver's license is a very exciting time in a teens life. There are a few basic steps to follow before rushing over to your local MVC office to obtain your New Jersey driver's license. Make sure to pick up a New Jersey driver's manual, and study the rules and regulations of the road.

To apply for a New Jersey driver's license:

  • You must wait till you turn 18 years of age.
  • You have to pass a vision exam.
  • You have to pass a written exam.
  • You have to pass a driving exam.
  • You have to pass the 6 point ID verification.
  • After passing your driving test you will be issued a provisional license. The provisional license lets you drive alone, but still with a few restrictions.
  • You will receive your driver's license after a year of having your provisional license.